Pharmacy Management System in JAVA with Source Code


Pharmacy Management System is a very reliable project created using JAVA as a programming language. Also, it uses swing and MySQL for pharmacy management. The main objective of this project is to manage the database of pharmacy store. This project helps to design and implement the pharmacy system. Similarly, the system is built using the database of the store. The goal of this system is to provide accurate and efficient data accuracy in pharmaceutical store.

Pharmacy Management System helps any pharmaceutical store to sell their product online with 100% accuracy rate. Also, this project helps to provide effective statistics of drugs in stock. While people are still quarantined and isolated, this system can make work effort more less and reliable. People can get required medicine with in a minute, which helps to reduce queue and mass gathering.

Background Reading

Pharmacy Management System helps to maintain database of any pharmaceutical store. This software helps to generate reports  of medicine as according to the user requirements. Therefore, this project can print bills, receipt and invoices.  Also it will help shop owner to maintain supplier supplies.

Admin will play a huge role in managing and maintaining the system with its required username and password.

Technologies used

  • Windows 10 operating system
  • MYSQL server (WAMP or XAMPP)
  • Netbeans as an IDE


  • It is easy to use and very user-friendly.
  • There are login page, home page, company page, purchase page, buy drugs page, history sales bill, sales bill etc.
  • Removal of Paper based management system.
  • Also no need to spend time on accountant.
  • Therefore, it saves time and money with 100% accuracy rate.
pharmacy management system

pharmacy management system


  • It helps to solve real world problem.
  • It helps to deal with day-to-day requirement of the pharmacy.
  • Also it helps to maintain inventory details like sales details, purchase details and stock expiry and quantity.
  • To provide details of stock and supplies.
  • So it helps to make the stock manageable.

Therefore things to know

  • You have to install JRE AND JDK for JAVA support.
  • You have to install MYSQL server (WAMP or XAMPP)
  • Also install Netbeans as an IDE.
  • Likewise, you can get ID and password on login page.

Therefore click on below button to download this project.

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Credit: Zeeshanovic

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