Pharmacy Management System Project on JSP

Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System is one of the best system ever. This project is made from JAVA, JSP, NetBeans, HTML, CSS, AJAX and Oracle 10g as a database. And also this project is used for the daily routine operation of the Pharmacy.  This project is totally made from JSP with HTML and CSS. The IDE used by this project in NetBeans.
This project is totally based on a local database and is totally user-friendly. This project is based on JAVA as the language. There are lots of systems and some JSP as well. You will get the details when you download the whole program.

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The project is used in our daily life. They are the most needed things for the Pharmacy. Moreover, the collection of types of medicines and the data record for the sales and purchase can be managed properly.
similarly, this project can be very helpful to the Pharmacist and also for the staff. The management of medicines can be done at a time. Besides, this method helps to reduce time. They can also manage the routine operation which will be very helpful for them.

Things you need to install to run this project:
  1. You need to install NetBeans as the IDE.
  2. You need to install Oracle 10g.
  3. Also, you need to install JDK and JRE for JAVA.
  4. You have to use Apache for the JSP.
  5. You can use any IDE for the HTML and CSS.

Click on below button to download this project.
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