Plotters In Python Using Graphical User Interface(GUI)


Humans are very visual creatures: we understand things better when we see things visualized. However, the step to presenting analyses, results or insights can be a bottleneck: you might not even know where to start or you might have already a right format in mind, but then questions like “Is this the right way to visualize the insights that I want to bring to my audience?” will have definitely come across your mind.

Plotting In Python Using Graphical User Interface(GUI)

At first sight, it will seem that there are quite some components to consider when you start plotting with this Python data visualization library. You’ll probably agree with me that it’s confusing and sometimes even discouraging seeing the amount of code that is necessary for some plots, not knowing where to start yourself and which components you should use. In this project, Using GUI you must plot a circle with lines. This project helps you to make a circle using GUI. When you run the code you will see a canvas with scrollbar, checkbox button for slow motion and a button plot.


When you select the point of the circle and press the plot button, You will see the circle with lines.

You can download the Source Code project by clicking the download button below:

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