Python code for choosing a specific database system

Choosing a database system with simple python code is easy and reliable

Are you tired of installing database? You have to use this code from python which is used to choose an appropriate database for your PC. There are many software and tools available for installing a database on your local server.
But when you just want to use it on a temporary basis, you just have to install the whole Xampp, Lemp or Lamp file for using the database. You know it’s kinda headache and may arise error when installing it.
I can tell you that this is the best technique for you to choose a database. Yes, you have to install some things to run the database for locally saving data on your PC. There may be the problem when installing Xampp, Lamp, and Lemp but after running this code, you can easily handle it.

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From the above output, you can see that there are three options that are MySQL, Gadfly, and SQLite. To use this database types, you must install at first then only you can use it. If you haven’t installed it then it will show you some kind of above errors.
You can see the codes for choosing the database in python below:

Things you need to know :
  1. You must install either Xampp, Lemp or Lamp.
  2. You need to install python 2.7 or python 3 to run the code.
  3. And you should install libraries for the python like os and random.
  4. And install pip or pip3 to install the libraries.
  5. The code to install libraries: sudo pip or pip3 install and the library name.

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