Python Tkinter dialog box with source code


Python Tkinter dialog box use a label to separate the list items. Also the tkinter counter dialog box are connected with the widget and each items are isolated as a list box. The tkinter checkbox contains items with single font and image with text.

Also to use a text entry box user must be able to get a data when they need it. Here, dialog box is a small modal window that appears on the top of the window panel with buttons and labels.

Background reading

Python Tkinter dialog box has date time with a four year date entry system. Also, it has got an integer number on the middle of the window panel. Therefore to separate them, a comma has been used so that the entry details can be elaborate.

Technology used

  • Python as a programming language.
  • Tkinter as a library for GUI based application.
  • Pycharm as an IDE.
  • pmw as a library.


  • Fast and efficient
  • Simple and easily understandable.
  • User-friendly GUI with simple python coding.
  • Ease of use.
Python Tkinter scrolled listbox

Python Tkinter scrolled listbox

Python counter dialog box

Python counter dialog box


  1. So, it displays text and items on a dialog box.
  2. The number of scrolled list items has been displayed on a dialog box.
  3. Also, list with different text item has been provided.
  4. Similarly, counter dialog box shows date and real integer item with scrollbar .
  5. Also you can modify the number an dates by re-writing the code.

Therefore things to know

  • You have to download python 2 or python 3 (sudo apt-get install python3).
  • You have to install pip or pip3 for downloading different libraries (sudo apt-get install python-pip).
  • Also, you can install Tkinter library with sudo pip install tkinter.
  • Likewise, you can install pycharm or Atom or Sublime text for an IDE or you can simple sudo nano filename.
  • You have to install pmw library with sudo pip install pmw.


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