Python Tkinter Menu with Source Code


Python Tkinter Menu is a menu widget which is used to create many different types of menus (pop up, top bar) in a python program. This kind of menus are displayed in an application with its own variant. Also, top bar menus are the own which is displayed just below the title bar of an application.

Similarly, pop up bar are the unique feature of an application with a delivery of message.

Python Tkinter is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) package, which provides a standard layout with its functionality. So, Tkinter is a very essential library in python for creating standard GUI application.

Technology used

  • Python as a programming language.
  • Tkinter as a main library.
  • Pycharm as an IDE.
  • bitmaps.


  1. In Python Tkinter Menu have total of five top-level menu bar (button commands, cascading menus, checkbutton menus, radiobutton menus, disabled menus).
  2. Here, button commands have six pull down menu bar (undo, new, open, wild font, enter and quit).
  3. So, cascading menu bar has one pull down menu bar (scripts) and it has total of seven sub pull down menu bar.
  4. Also, checkbutton menu bar has got five pull down menu bar (doug, dinsdale, stig O’Tracy, vince, gloria pules).
  5. Finally, radiobutton menu bar has total of nine pull down menu bar.
Main menu

Main menu


  1. Here, each top menu bar has its own characteristics.
  2. The pull down menu bar performs a specific character with its own unique feature.
  3. Also, the GUI is very simple and user-friendly.
  4. Therefore there are no any bugs and the developed code is easily understandable.

Things to know

  • You have to install python2 or python3 in your PC.
  • You have to install pip (sudo apt-get install python-pip)
  • Also you have to install and import tkinter library (sudo pip install tkinter).
  • Finally you can run it with python in a terminal.

Click on below button to download this application source code.

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