Python Tkinter Scroll Widgets with Source Code


Python Tkinter Scroll widgets provides several buttons, labels, text boxes, check boxes, and lots of GUI applications. Here, widgets button is for displaying the GUI options with scroll feature. Python Tkinter Widget is for making any software or application more user-friendly and attractive.

Similarly, label are for displaying text to the end-user. Also, button are for turning features on and off. An entry widget is for getting an input from the end-user. So, radio buttons is for putting both of the options together so that only single item can be clicked. Also, check buttons are for selecting multiple number of items in a single click. Therefore, the widget are the combination of most of the GUI items with an involvement of a library.

Technology used

  • Python as a programming language.
  • Tkinter as a library for GUI based application.
  • Pycharm as an IDE.


  • Python Tkinter Scroll widgets fast and efficient
  • Simple and easily understandable.
  • User-friendly GUI with simple python coding.
  • Ease of use.
  • Simple use of GUI model with Tkinter as a library.
Tkinter scrolltext

Tkinter scrolltext


  1. So, it displays text and items on a panel with buttons and check boxes.
  2. Top menu bar with file, object, view, edit, and tools has been used.
  3. Also, check boxes with different label has been used.
  4. Similarly, the pronunciation with several description has been used .
  5. Likewise, scale widget has been used for modifying the canvas.
  6. Also you can modify the number an dates by re-writing the code.

Therefore things to know

  • You have to download python 2 or python 3 (sudo apt-get install python3).
  • You have to install pip or pip3 for downloading different libraries (sudo apt-get install python-pip).
  • Also, you can install Tkinter library with sudo pip install tkinter.
  • Likewise, you can install pycharm or Atom or Sublime text for an IDE or you can simple ~ sudo nano filename.

therefore, click on below button to download this project

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