Python Tkinter Scrollbar with Source Code


Python Tkinter Scrollbar is a different and separated widget which is later connected with a list box. So, the scrolled list that you have created horizontally will be display as an entry widgets. Also, the selection text are for listing the items. Likewise, the idea is that user have to setup a scrolled canvas grid object and then re-attach that object with text widgets.

Background Reading

Python Tkinter Scrollbar consist of side and down scroll bar. Also, this canvas grid has 19 rows and 19 columns where canvas ha been created. So, each of these canvas has got a same height and width with starting value of 0.0 and ending value of 19.9. Also the selection text are for selecting the text which has been displayed with ascending order.

Technology used

  • Python as a programming language.
  • Tkinter as a library for GUI based application.
  • Pycharm as an IDE.
  • pmw as a library.


  1. Fast and efficient
  2. Simple and easily understandable.
  3. User-friendly GUI with simple python coding.
  4. Ease of use.
scrollbar listbox

scrollbar listbox

selection list

selection list


  1. So, it displays text and list with an appropriate scroll bar on the right and bottom.
  2. Question has been given and user have to choose appropriate answer by selecting it.
  3. Also, list with different text item has been provided.
  4. Similarly, scrollbar list box with text has been displayed.
  5. Also you can modify the number an dates by re-writing the code.

Therefore things to know

  • You have to download python 2 or python 3 (sudo apt-get install python3).
  • You have to install pip or pip3 for downloading different libraries (sudo apt-get install python-pip).
  • Also, you can install Tkinter library with sudo pip install tkinter.
  • Likewise, you can install pycharm or Atom or Sublime text for an IDE or you can simple sudo nano filename.
  • You have to install pmw library with sudo pip install pmw.

Therefore click on below button to download this project

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