Restaurant App for Mobile, Web and Desktop


Restaurant App is a sample open source e-Commerce application for ordering foods, powered by polyglot micro services architecture and cross-platform development (Mobile, Web, Desktop). This application is very simple, responsive and user-friendly.

Restaurant app system helps manager to handle the order in an organized way. Also, this app is mostly for the busy restaurant, where customers wants fast order and food.

Background Reading

Restaurant App is containerized multilingual microservices application which contains ventures dependent on .NET Core, Golang, Java, Xamarin, React, Angular and so on. The undertaking shows how to grow little microservices for bigger applications utilizing compartments, arrangement, administration disclosure, portal, and so on.

This projects help any restaurant to keep their record in any smart phones or desktop.

Technology used

  1. .NET Core
  2. JAVA
  3. Xamarin
  4. React
  5. Angular

Microservices and infrastructure component

  1. Identity API (.NET Core + IdentityServer4)
  2. Basket API (Golang + Redis)
  3. Menu API (.NET Core, PostgreSQL)
  4. Therefore order API (Java + Spring Boot)


  • So, this app manages data for showing list.
  • Also, it helps to manage orders and notifies chef about new orders.
  • Likewise, it manages customer basket in order to store items.
  • User-friendly app with better GUI.

Architecture overview

The design proposes a miniaturized scale administration situated engineering execution with numerous self-governing small scale benefits (every one owning its very own information/db).

The implementation of communication protocol between client side is done through a REST API. Also, it supports asynchronous communication for data updates propagation across multiple services based on Integration Events.

Things to know

  • You have to install Visual studio 2017 as an IDE.
  • Also, you have to install libraries so that you can successfully built your app.
  • So, the libraries are Xamarin .NET  REACT
  • Therefore, you need laptop or smart phones to successfully run the system.
  • Also, you have to install some individual micro services and infrastructure components.

Therefore, click on below button to download this project.

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