Restaurant information system in Java with source code


Restaurant information system is a Java based application. I have used Netbeans as an IDE. As we know that, Java mostly plays with classes and objects. And we have to use JRE and JDK for JAVA run time environment.

Restaurant information system is a desktop based software for a particular restaurant. Here, the users can do their transactions for restaurant very easily. Also, this software will help the owner to gain more number of profit in less amount of time. Certainly, he/she will get a genuine result and output from the system.

And talking about the data, dish information are provided on the right side and dish available on the left side. As I have used category as a fixed data so there are only three to four data available like lamb, chicken etc.

Menu bar

There are two menu bar that are file and help. Here, we use file menu bar for save, delete, insert and close while help is for information about the software.


There are all total of  8 validation. As, number, search price, dish price and name are validated according to their datatype. The users can’t enter wrong datatype on particular field or he/she can’t entered a single word. I have used validation on each field where use can’t enter wrong datatype.

Category and spiciness has got a label button and radio button so it will be directly chosen. He/she can also change the details according to their wish.


As a result there are all total of 5 buttons available. They are add, clear, search dishes, delete and availability button.

  • Add button is for adding a customer data into the system.
  • Clear button is for clearing the wrong data entered into the system.
  • Also, search dishes button is for searching the data according to the customers dish name.
  • Delete button is for deleting the previous customers data into the system.
  • Availability button is for searching the dishes which are available in the category.
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Things to know

  • You have to install Java, JRE and JDK for run time environment.
  • Also, You can use this software in both Linux and Windows.
  • And you have to install Netbeans IDE to run this software.

Therefore, you can install this software by pressing below download button.

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