Restaurant Management System in PHP/MySQL with source code

Restaurant management system built in PHP with MySQL database gives you the ability to add, edit, remove and for management of foods, their respective categories, orders and reservations. Also Provides a suitable User Interface for administrators and for the student login.

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • MySQL database

Main Features

  • Administration control panel
  • Administrator can manage categories, foods, orders and reservation
  • add users
  • Change passwords
  • customer login
  • manage messages
  • order foods

Restaurant Management System is divided into two modules. they are customer and Admin. There are a number of features that a user can use in this restaurant management system. All the required modules are listed on the home page for the administrator. Through admin panel, the admin can manage categories, foods, orders, reservation and messages. The customer has to sign up before using the system in order to purchase foods and other reservations. There are numbers of different food items that a customer can view and add to their cart. Later that can be purchased easily.



Some User Interfaces


Homepage of the project, where a user can login/register

Food section

Food section from where customers can order foods

Shopping cart

From this section, customers can place their order and proceed towards billing.

Administrator login

Administrator Login, where admin has to login to manage the system.

Administrator control panel

Administrator control panel is a panel section for site administrators where the admin can manage all the features of this system such as management of categories, foods, orders and reservation. Only the system administrator can access this section for the management of this restaurant management system. In fact, it works as a backbone of the system and it is where all the contents are created and managed.

How to run this project:

  • Install XAMPP, and follow the following points:
  • Start Apache and mySQL
  • Create database with name mentioned in SQL file
  • At last run the project locally

Finally, click the button below to download restaurant management system in php/mysql project.

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