Restaurant Management System in Python with source code


Restaurant Management System is a project for a particular restaurant where customers have to place an order online.  Most of the time, waiter comes to you and you place an order. And also sometimes you have to place an order yourself.

So, to overcome this problem Restaurant Management System will be very efficient. This Restaurant Management System will help both owner and staff to get rid of static things. They don’t have to use paper or any kind of tools to get an order. Therefore, they can comfortably get a genuine order which will help chef to do their work properly.



  • Reliable and user friendly
  • Understandable
  • Flexible
  • User can edit, add, delete and update the system.
  • So, it has got total of ten data options for customers.
  • Also, it has got a print option to print the data of customers.


  • Open Source
  • It is comfortable with any operating system.
  • It can easily be modify.
  • Database is available for storing customers record.

Restaurant Management System menu bar

So, this main system has got all total of seven items. So customers have to choose among ten items to get the order done. Also, there are all total of three buttons that are take input, delete and print.

Items type

  • Chicken Meal
  • Chapatti meal
  • Daal meal
  • Vegetable meal
  • Drink meal
  • Desert meal
  • snack meal

and there are meal cost, service cost, GST and total cost of meal.

Print layout of items

So, this is a printed format of customers record which will be saved in database. And afterwards data are provided to the owner.

Things to know

  • Here, you have to install Python3 on your computer.
  • Also, you can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install python3
  • You have to install Tkinter library.
  • Also, you can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install pip, sudo pip install Tkinter.
  • And you can run this project with : sudo python3

Therefore, click on below button to download this amazing project.

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