School administration system

School administration system

School administration system is a reliable system where you can enter the data of the students. You can add, delete, modify and update the data. It will be very fruitful for all users. The system is very simple and efficient as the instructions are already given so you just have to add the data.
This is a C project based on login system. This is typically for a school where the manager/admin can simply enter the data and can also update and delete the students and teachers information.
This will certainly gonna change the people view as they may seem more curious that their information is being kept and which may help to know who was here and who wasn’t.
It is an easy and very quick way to put the data of the students where the headmaster can get the accurate information.
Likewise, I have given the name as School administration system which main aim is to provide the database system on a temporary basis. Not only that there is validation system available on each item as you cannot enter the number on your name or alphabets on phone number etc.
To make it more secure and easy access, I have also put some validation on password and user-name. Like, If the user types the wrong user-name or password then it will give you or warning or a chance. As there are only three chances available, so if you hit the user-name or password wrong for the third time then it will end the program but if you are successful then you will get an access.

Things you need to install to run this project:

  1. You should know how to run the C program.
  2. You have to install gcc, if you are running by : gcc -g program.c / gcc program.c / gcc -o program program.c

Codes for the school adminstration system:


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