School billing system in C++

School billing system

The school billing system is a small project in the C++ language. The main goal of this project is to store and give information about the billing system in the school. It is used to manage all the billing and payment facilities of the school. It is used to keep all the records of the student and the staffs. It can store the information about the fee of the students and the salary for the teachers. The features includes adding records, searching records, modifying records, and calculating fee or the salary. It helps to reduce the problem of error in the traditional billing system.
This project is error free so you can change the codes and modify the project own your own. This system can run on the dev C++, code block, etc. this system is run with no error.

Steps of operation

There are two option in the system. The first is the student and the second is the teachers. In the student section, the main function is to calculate the fee of the student and in the teachers the main task is to calculate the salary of the teachers.
The main operations are
1 add records
The option to add records are both in the student sections and in the teacher section. This option is used to create a user or in this case, it is used to enter the name and other information about the student or the teachers.

  1. Search records

The search option is used for searching the name or the id of the students or teacher in the system.

3 modify records
The modify record option is used to change the name or any other information of the specific name of the both student or the teachers.
4 delete records
This option is used to delete any records of any student or teacher in the system.
5 calculate fee/ salary
The last option is to calculate the amount of fee for the student or salary of the teacher by using their name or their id.


fig Main menu

fig chose type

fig student form

fig teacher form
The screen short can be found on your own program when you run it. When you run it with no error.
If you like you, can find the source code for this project down below

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