Simple analog clock built in python

A clock is a thing that keeps people up to date. Everything would have messy if there was no intention of a clock.  Christiaan Huygens is the first man to invent a clock. And later John Harrison modified it.
There are lots of invention has been done later and now people usually use smartwatch as the first preferences. But nowadays, every people in the world use smartphone where they have a better digital clock then the usual one. You can get lots of featured clock on the smartphone then the wrist or wall watch.
In this project, I have used python as a base language to make this clock. The libraries that are used on it are :


1. Tkinter
2. math
4. string
5. sys

Things you need to know before downloading this project:
  1. You have to install python or python 3.
  2. You have to install pip or pip3 for installing the above libraries.
  3. And use sudo pip or pip3 and the library name to install.

You can see from the below picture that it looks like an analog clock which was used in the 1990’s but the coolest thing is that it is made up of a programming language that is python.

Like you can see that I have used GUI Tkinter and made this all diagram. Even the switch and dots are made. The best part of this is that I have put the second switch to work fast and minute switch after sixty seconds and hours switch after sixty minutes.

Click on below button to download this project:

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