Simple website for any Resort

An easy way to build a website for Resort.

Front End Development is the front part of the website where you will get a design and some functions on it. Html, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and Bootstrap has been used to make it more attractive. And you guys must be more focused on Bootstrap and Jquery so that you can make your website more responsive and attractive.
Bootstrap is very easy to use and it is what that makes website prettier. You can go check my responsive website for more information about the front end things.
There are some lists available like Reservation, Contact details,  Price of the room according to the season, variety of room and at last the attraction of the hotel.
Likewise, this services will definitely help the customer for their needs as they can know what is going on in this hotel and what are their prices and if it is affordable for us or not.
The price is not that expensive as it looks. It depends on the season as well as the size and facility in the room. Not only that I have provided the map for the customer so that it will be easy for them to find the hotel.
And also you can also do online booking which will definitely help you to travel.

[smartslider3 slider=1]

As you can see from the above slides, there is all total of six pages. And each page has got their own unique feature. There is a very beautiful background picture of the Himalayas and details for the online reservation has been given.
So, before reserving for the room, people have to follow the reservation policy. And you can see that we have got a map for the proper location to the customers. And also I have added some pictures of religions and cultures for the attraction.

Things you need to know before downloading this project:

  1. You have to install any text editor.
  2. You can also install any IDE like sublime.
  3. And everything is provided in the folder so If you want, you can install additional Bootstrap and images.

Click on below button to install this project:

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