Simple Library management system

Library management system

The library management system is a simple system which can be performed in the C++ language. The main function of this system is to manage, add and delete the books in a library. The whole project is completely based on file handling all the records of books are stored in a file. There are many features in the system as you can found in the actual library beside the books cannot be read. There are many features in the system that can be found in the main menu like; add, delete, search, issue, view and many more. The project is very user friendly and it is very easy to use.
This project is error free so you can change the codes and modify the project own your own. Firstly you need to enter the password for the system i.e. “infocode”.

Steps of operation

  1. Add books

It is the first feature in the system. It can be accessed by pressing “1” on the home screen. It is used for adding the books into the system. When you enter 1 then the system will show you different categories to choose. And if you choose any number then it will ask you to enter the book id, book name, author, quantity, price of the book and the rack number. So the book can be successfully added.

  1. Delete books

If you enter 2 then the book delete option will get selected and it will ask you the book ID you want to delete and you can delete any books.

  1. Search books

It you enter 3 then the book searching function will get selected and it will ask for the book ID or the book name so that the books can be search.

  1. Issue book

If you select the 4 option then book issue function will get selected and you can issue, view, and search the issued books.

  1. View books

The 5 one is the view option which helps to see all the books in the system that are entered.

  1. Edit book

If you select the edit book option then you can edit the name and other information about the book

  1. Close application

The last option is to close the application.

Fig; main menu

Fig; add books

Fig; issue books

Fig; view all books
Other screen shorts can be found after you run your program.
if you like you, can find the source code for this project down below
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