Simple Nepali Software on VB.NET

An easy way to build a simple Nepali software for office and for your personal use.

This Nepali software is totally based on Visual Basic. This one is one of the unique software that all the Nepali people wants in their daily activities. So, if you are a Nepali user then you have come to the right place as this software is totally free and reliable.

So Is this reliable to non-Nepalese people?

Yes, it is very reliable to others as well. You may have a little problem with the language but it is not that tough and by the way, you can change it as well.

As you can see that there is full validation and you must sign up to log in. And then only you can use the categories properly.

As you can see that there is all total of six categories. The categories are like Youtube, files and folder, date converter, screen capture, a wi-fi hotspot and computer information.

At first Youtube:

This category in this software is for downloading the video from the Youtube. It is like a Tubemate, where you can easily download the video that you like. You can download the video of any size and quality.

Files or programs:

This category in this software is for downloading the files or programs from the Internet. Actually, the file and programs you installed are collected in the folder.

Date converter:

This category is for converting the English date into Nepali and Nepali to English date so that people can easily know what is going on.

Screen Capture:

This category is for capturing an image on the screen.

Create Wi-Fi Hotspot:

This category is for creating a Wi-Fi hotspot for the people around you to use it. As this software will help to distribute the internet service to the people around you.

My computer info:

This category will help you to know about your computer details. So, with the help of this category, you can know what is actually going on on your PC.

Things you need to know before downloading this software:

  1. You must install Visual Studio of any version but I recommend you to install the latest one.
  2. You have to install Microsoft Office to run all these programs.
  3. And after downloading the software, you have to extract it.
  4. You have to open Visual Studio and open the file that you extracted,
  5. So after opening the folder or file, you have to open the .sln file.
  6. You have to press the F5 button to run the program.
  7. And after pressing F5 button, you can debug it and only then your software will run.

And click on below button to download this software.

Thank you,
credit: Bishow Raj Poudel

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