Simple Quiz Game in C++

Quiz game

The following project is a small program that runs on C++. The project is a small quiz game which is made up of many questions and you need to answer those questions. This project is a complete error free program.  The game lets you know about your current score and also helps you know about the high score of the game played. It can also provide you the list of the player with their scores. The game let you know how to play the game by pressing the help option on the main menu. When you open the program you can find many option on the home screen. You need to press the certain letter as given in the program. After starting the game you need to give your full name. After that you are able to play the game by choosing the correct letter of the question. If you gave the wrong answer then you will fail the game.
In the game, firstly you need to give the 3 answer correctly then the game will direct you to the main part of the quiz but if you will give the first 3 answer incorrect then it will send you back to the main screen. The high score can also be reset by the players. Basically in the game the Switch statement is used for choice of the number of question and if else statement is used for correct or incorrect answer.

Screenshots of the game in C++

home screen where all the option including the start, exit, help and high score are placed.

the above figure is the rules and information on how the game is played.

as the answer of the question above is “C” so when the correct answer is pressed then “Correct!!!”  text is shown or if it is incorrect then “Incorrect Answer” will be shown.

All the code is done in C++ and you can download the source code of the following project down below;

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