Creating SlideShow Using HTML, CSS And Javascript With Source Code


A Slideshow is a presentation of a series of still images on a projection screen or electronic display like mobile, laptop, television..etc. The changes of an image may be automatically or at regular intervals. Slideshows originally consisted of a series of individual photographic slide projected onto a screen with a slide projector.
A slideshow may be a presentation of images purely for their own visual interest or artistic value, sometimes unaccompanied by description or text, or it may be used to clarify or reinforce information, ideas, comments, solutions or suggestions which are presented verbally. A well-organized slide show allows a presenter to fit visual images to an oral presentation.
But in case of our project, we are not making the slideshow through any projector. We are making a slideshow for our webpage. Slideshow makes our page more responsive and attractive. Generally, we use to show our images in an attractive way by using slideshow. We will be using HTML, CSS, and javascript in this project for a slideshow. We will be creating multiple slides on one webpage.
See some samples below how the slideshow looks like:

[smartslider3 slider=56]
This is just a normal part of HTML. You can download the source code clicking the download button below.
CLICK HERE —> Download


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