Smart Garbage Management System In IOT with Source Code


Smart Garbage Management System is one of the most demanded and popular project for Smart city. As you know that garbage collection in cities, town or any villages is one of the major concern. Also it is an emerging problem for 2020 in smart cities. Similarly,  there is a traditional way of managing a garbage in any city. Garbage in any city is a risk for sanitation, health and cleanliness.

Smart Garbage Management System has been a great way of managing the dirt and sanitation process. Also it is a very smart way of managing a pollution in a city. The boring and traditional way of picking a garbage and waiting to fill up is very lousy. The alternative way of collecting garbage with an app and with an IOT device is very efficient.

Background Reading

Smart Garbage Management System consist of equipment for garbage collection with LoRa RF and IoT technologies to make it more reliable and efficient. Each Garbage Bin will be equipped with level and weight sensor along with GPS position information in case of any mobility.

All data will be sent through LoRa/RF communication “Smart Mesh” link to central server where it can be made available through mobile app to Sanitation workers for quick response and effective collection and disposal of garbage.

Efficient route calculation for garbage collector van is also proposed for minimizing the efforts in collection. Benefits of using Smart Garbage Management System

technologies used


  • This app is reliable and user-friendly.
  • Likewise, prevent overflowing of Garbage bins due to real-time status of bins on centralized system and mobile application..
  • Also more efficient garbage collection due to availability of empty bins as its collected in time.
  • Mobile friendly and web friendly.
GPS of Garbage Management System

GPS of Garbage Management System


  • Recurring cost reduction as compare to many existing solutions which uses GSM based approach.
  • So shortest garbage collection route algorithm calculates best possible route for collection of garbage bins.
  • Therefore, area-wise SMS/Push messages delivered to Municipal Corporation workers to optimise the manpower and energy consumption.
  • Garbage Reward program to dispense reward/offer coupons to local public based on amount of waste deposited in one time.

Therefore things to know

  • You have to download Atom IDE to run python script.
  • Also you have to connect each and every sensors properly.
  • You need jumper cables for connection.
  • Also you need to setup Raspbery PI 3 micro controller.
  • Also you have to download Arduino IDE
  • All of the detailed information are provided inside this project folder.

Therefore click on below button to download this project

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Credit: Rajendra BK

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