Snake game using python

Snake game

Snake game has been the best entertaining mobile game since 1990’s. Mostly in snake game, we need one snake and a food to eat. The snake goes to eat the food while the size of the snake increases slowly. The game will end when the snake bites himself after failing to eat the food. The game is simple and can’t be cheated.
In this game, there are two different stories as the snake is made up of hash and the food is made up of Asterisk. Whenever the snake eats the food, one hash increases significantly.

As from the above picture, you can see how the project looks like when you run the game.

Things you need to install to run this game:
  1. You need to install python 2.7 or python 3.
  2. Install python libraries like curses, random, turtle, freegames and pygames.
  3. You can install these libraries with sudo pip / pip3 install and the library name.

The code looks like this:


There is another snake game as well where the snake and the food is a square colored one.

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