Creating ER diagram on oracle SQL developer

Creating ER diagram on oracle SQL developer

The Oracle SQL developer is a software which helps to make database in a GUI form by connecting with other products like MySQL, Microsoft access, Microsoft SQL etc. and other third party products. In the developer the main objecting is to create tables in the database and to modify them. We can make tables and modify by using different queries which can be written in the worksheet. In the developer the connection of the database are on the left side of the screen and the reports are situated below of the connections.
Requirements for creating ER diagram in the SQL developer
There are many terms and requirements for creating the ER diagram. Such as

  • You need install oracle SQL developer
  • You need to connect the oracle developer with the database
  • You need to create many tables in the database
  • You need to populate the tables with the values
  • *You need to make primary key and foreign key in the tables.


Steps to follow

After creating the primary and foreign key you need to follow this steps;
Step 1: click on view on the menu bar
Step 2: then click on data modeler and click on the Browse
Step 3: then a dialog box will appear on the bottom left of the screen.
Step 4: you need to click on the first option usually called ‘Untitled-1
Step 5: then you need to right click on the ‘Relational Model‘ option
Sep 6: then you need to click on the ‘New Relation Model
Step 7: then a new tab will open named called ‘Relation-1 (Untitled-1)
Step 8: And you need to open the database on the left on the connection tab and open the tables folder.
Step 9: finally you drag and drop or select all  the tables on to the empty field space or to the relational-1 (untitled-1) space.
Step 10: then the ER diagram will be created with the name of the tables and their attributes, datatype and other information.
Step 11: hence you need to create PRIMARY KEY and FOREIGN KEY in order to connect the two tables together

Screen shot of the steps

fig: click on ‘View’

fig: click on ‘Untitled_1’

fig: click on ‘Relational Model ‘

fig: drag all the tables

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