Student Attendance System in C# with SQL Server


Student Attendance System is the web based application. This is an entire ASP .net project with the Microsoft SQL Server used as database. Also, this attendance project is composed in Visual Studio 2017.

To computerize  the manual attendance which is tedious, the application tracks the student, teachers, modules, course and timetable. Similarly, this student system makes the attendance more autonomous and easy.

Background Reading

The “Students Attendance System” will help students and teachers in any schools, colleges and universities. Moreover, this system helps to keep record of all the students and teachers in a very efficient and faster method.

Similarly, the project we implemented will help company to maintain their standard. The system will be genuine and the record of attendance will be store in a database for future use.

Student Attendance System allows user to enroll student to the specific course and enter the detail of the lecturers and tutors.

In addition, it allows user to assign modules to the lecturer and students, create timetable, generates reports and many more. Also user can easily add, delete, edit and update the data from the database.

Technology used

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  • SQL server
  • C#
  • SQL Server Management Studio

System Architecture

Three tier model

Three tier model

Likewise, “Student attendance system” database stored in SQL server is the database tier for this developed system. Similarly, application tier interact with the client tier and database tier to bring the complete interaction in the system.Also this is the reason that makes the application our as three tier model architecture.


  1. Adds teacher details to the database.
  2. Adds course detail to the database.
  3. Also, adds the details of the module.
  4. Also, adds timetable schedule for the modules.
  5. Moreover, the data can be sorted by the enrolled date and name.
  6. Shows all the modules with their respective courses.
  7. View Timetable page shows all the timetable of the classes for the week.
  8. Shows all the course with the details.
  9. Shows all the users that can access and the registered users that are pending.
  10. Also view teacher page shows all the teachers associated with the institute.
Add timetable

Add timetable

Data updated

Data updated

Things to know

Therefore, Download the source from below button:

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