Student management system in Java with source code


Student management system in java is for a local schools where they can easily keep record of their students. School admin has a role to play on this system. As he/she will be keeping an up-to-date record of their school students.

Student management system will help to store data in advance manner. Also, this will help to give a genuine data to the school owners. People mostly use an old technique where they add record in papers rather than in servers. Also, they sometimes lost their record or misplace it. So, to overcome this problem, this project will help them to improve it.

Student management system is for schools where they can store each and every data in servers than in papers. Likewise, data will be safe and 100% accurate.


  • User friendly and easily understandable codes.
  • It has search space available.
  • Better GUI system.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Technology used:

  • JAVA
  • Netbeans as IDE
  • MYSQL database

Main features

  • It has got different menu categories.
  • It has six features on it.
  • Also, it has timetable and update feature available.
  • It has site settings.

There are lots of features on it like home, student, classes, update, settings and timetable. All of the features are provided below with its work on it.

Home option

Here, home option is popped out after clicking on home menu bar.

students option

Student option is popped out whenever you click on student menu bar.

So, There are no any data inserted so it has no data. So, you have to insert data through admin panel. Here, only admin can store data on it. He/she can add, insert, delete and update the data provided by a student.

Therefore things to know

  • You have to install JAVA, JRE and JDK to successfully run this project.
  • You have to install any IDE to run this project.
  • If you have NetBeans then you can easily run it.

Therefore, you can click on below button to install this project.

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