Temperature measurement in Nodemcu


Temperature measurement in Nodemcu  is a simple way of measuring a temperature. Also, temperature measurement in Nodemcu is an essential role for knowing the outcome of heat and cold in an environment.

Here, DS18B20 temperature sensor is a waterproof sensor that is use for measuring the temperature of water. And the sensor uses digital pin to transfer a correct data to the microcontroller, which does not have to rely on analog pin for data transfer.

Similarly, the Nodemcu using basic C++ language controls temperature sensor. Moreover, this sensor helps my smart aquarium project by measuring the water tank temperature, which will provide user an accurate data of hotness and coolness. The cost of the sensor is around $2.

Temperature sensor details

From the above figure 10, GND denotes ground, VDD denotes 3-volt power and Data denotes digital data.

Technology used:


  1. So, it measures the temperature of both water and environment.
  2. Low power consumption.

Things to know:

  1. Temperature measurement in Nodemcu using Temperature sensor needs 3Volt power for the sensor.
  2. You need jumper cables for connection.

Therefore, you can download the code below :

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