To Do List In Android With Source Code


To Do List in android is a way of organizing the day-to-day work in a proper manner. To do list will help you to keep track of anything in one place so, you can complete the work.

This app will help you to do your work on time and complete it with in a deadline. It will help you to organize the plan according to your importance. The art of work will be done and peaceful mind will be captured accordingly.

Background Reading

To Do List in android is a well-designed app that does work what it is suppose to do and no any additional feature. Therefore, you can make tasks, create an explanation for them and then you can add some sub tasks.

To Do List is a software in a field of task management, which helps to track any project. This app will help you to make your life easier. Also, you can tick each completed sub tasks when deadline comes to an end.

Technology used


  • User can easily add and delete items for their tasks and sub tasks.
  • Also, date and search bar are added to make more responsive and user-friendly.


To-do list dashboard
To-do list dashboard


  • You need to install Android SDK 16+
  • You have to add this to your dependency:

  • Add BatRecyclerView to your xml layout.
  • Also you have to create BatListener:
  • In addition, pass it to the BatModel:
  • Also initialize your recycle view

Therefore, click on below button to download this project.




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