Use of Commands in Command line of Linux


Linux is a free open source operating system that is developed on the basis of UNIX and the source code can be modified and created by the users and they are called as distributors. The command or instructions are provided in command line or terminal which is a text based interface of the system. The command line that we use is known as Bash ( Bourne-Again Shell) which is a text-based shell for controlling the system. Using command line, we can get access to files, enter inside it and perform the task. some examples of Use of Commands in Command line of Linux is shown below.

Use of Commands in Command line of Linux has been shown in pictorial form. It helps us to gain knowledge on displaying directories, creating directories and files, and also to rename and delete them if they are needed.

Technology Used


  • Linux is a open source operating System  that is simple and many people can easily understand it.
  • Using Command line people can get access to files, folders and do many more things.
  • Easy to use and can be easily operated by beginners.
  • It is fast and efficient to use.

Things To Know

  • At first you have to install  virtual box and Ubuntu or Kali Linux in your Computer.
  • You must have  knowledge about command that must be used in Command line.

Use of Some Commands on Command line.

Here, Use of  Commands in Command line of Linux are shown below.

  • pwd

The pwd command is used to represent the current working directory. it displays the path of  directory we are located at.

  • ls

The ls command is used to display all files and folders present in the current directory.

  • ls -a

The ls -a command is used to display all the files along with hidden files that are present in the current working directory.

  • cd filename

The cd filename command is used to enter inside the provided directory. In the place of filename the name of directory provided in your command line must be used. here, i replaced the filename with Documents.

  • cd ..

The cd .. command is used to get one step back of the current working directory or get out of the working directory.

  • mkdir

The mkdir command is used to create or make a directory.

  • rmdir

The rmdir command is used to delete or remove a directory.

  • touch

The touch command is used to create or make file.

  • echo

It is used to display the message.

  • history

history command is used to display all the code executed.


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