Vehicle Rental System in C# with Source Code


Vehicle Rental System in C# is a simple software, which records number of vehicles rented by the customer. Vehicle Rental System using a C# language is a user-friendly and an effective system with better output.

Renting a vehicle is very easy but collecting the data of rented vehicle is very hard job. Also, this kind of project helps any company or business to overcome any kind of obstacle.

Similarly, customer can rent a vehicle and their data will be stored in a safe place with their time and location on it. Likewise, users can collect genuine information with proper timing. Therefore, the wrong understanding and fluctuation in profit will be shown with a daily and a weekly report.


This software can be used for any company which provided vehicles, where admin can easily know the details of their products. Also, it helps to keep day-to-day record of their customers from opening to closing time.

The main purpose of Vehicle Rental System in C# is to track customers entry with their full details. Similarly, there are availability of daily report and weekly report with its weekly chart from where admin can view their performance with their audience.

This system is user-friendly and effective. Moreover, there are validations available on each steps of data entry to avoid fault. This system has better GUI with responsive features.

Software and tools used:


  • Login system with CRUD method available.
  • Data entry system with better GUI.
  • Daily and weekly report of customers in a company.
  • Data import and export to CSV available.
  • Likewise, weekly chart available of weekly customer details.


  • Any vehicle rental company can implement it by making it online.
  • User-friendly with error free codes.
  • This system has a user validation available.

Vehicle Detail Form

Therefore things to know

  1. You have to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  2. This software is a desktop application, which will run in a minimum requirement of 2GB RAM, 256 GB Hard Drive and Window 7.
  3. Also, you can modify it according to your project.

So, you can click on below button to download this project.

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