Web Based Hotel booking system in PHP with source code


Web Based Hotel booking system in PHP is most needed system nowadays. This system is for eCommerce websites for online hotel booking system.

Web Based Hotel booking system is based on online. And this system deals with online payment system which makes system more user friendly. This Web Based online hotel booking system connected with Paypal and written on PHP, HTML and JavaScript.

So, Web Based Hotel booking system will help any kinds of hotel to manage their system properly. Also, they will have an easy access of the system.

So, this system is free and easily accessible with no any help of developer or coder. Here, codes are easy to read and can be easily modified.

Technologies used for the project

  • PHP
  • javaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Paypal
  • Database


  • Therefore, this system uses online booking system with Paypal.
  • And this system has got a better UI system with better hotel design.
  • There is reservation system available with email, fax and with phone as well.
  • Also, you can change the name of any hotel and can make it yours.


  • User friendly and easy to use.
  • Any be used in any kind of PC like windows 7,8 10 or in Linux as well.
  • And lots of forms are available like guest details, check In, check out, room details and hotel details.


  • Export unleashe_hotel.sql to database.
  • So, Username, password and database name can be find in auth.php file inside the HotelB and HotelB/admin folders.

Therefore, ADMIN PAGE

  • Username: demo , password: demo
  • Also, Admin can delete, edit and view pending and paid bookings.
  • Therefore, admin can delete, edit and view ROOMS.
Home page

Home page- check date available for both adult and children.

reservation page

Reservation page- Choose your room which may be single or deluxe or may be double.

guest details

Reservation page – Guest details, All information about a guest which have to fill up the form to register into the hotel.

Reservation complete

And Reservation page – Reservation complete, All the form has been filled up by a guest for registration.

Admin panel

Admin panel

Admin booking panel for room details

Admin booking panel for room details

Dashboard of Admin booking panel

Dashboard of Admin booking panel

Dashboard details

Dashboard details

Therefore, things to know

  • You have to download PHP Version 5.6.3 MYSQL version 5.0 to run this project.
  • Also, you have to install IDE to modify this project.
  • So, you have to install Atom, Sublime or any text editor.

Therefore, you can download this project by clicking below button.

Thank you,

So, credit goes to: mrzulkarnine

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