Wisdom Pet Medicine in Django with source code


Wisdom Pet Medicine is an advance way of treating an animal. And this provides you an alternative way of diagnosing and treating different animals like dogs, cats, cows, buffalo’s, and many more. Also, this service helps to provide an information about a medicine of an animal.

Wisdom Pet Medicine is a website where you can get an information about pet and medicine. Also, this website is very simple and easy to make. And this website will definitely help to solve the pet owners problem.

Technologies used

  1. Python as a programming language
  2. Django as a backend
  3. HTML
  4. CSS
  5. JavaScript
  6. Bootstrap
  7. MySQL database

Main Features

  • Different product categories
  • Easily insert and delete items
  • Easily create groups and users.
  • Also, admin can Add and drop groups and users.
  • You can add your pet with their details.
  • Administration panel is available.
  • Also, site settings are available.


  • Here, you have to install python3.
  • Also you have to install Django.
  • And any text editor you are familiar with like Sublime text, Atom or PyCharm.

Similarly, this is how my whole project looks like:

Pet categories

Categories of pets: Pet categories with their details on it.

Full detail of pets

Here, pet data available with their advance details

Terminal for running python3 program

Python3 manage.py runserver for running a Django program on terminal.

Administration area

Likewise, administration area of the Django on backend side.

Admin panel

Admin panel (usually logged into from /admin) is a panel section for site administrators where new products, categories, orders and site settings are managed. So, only a site administrator can access this section for the management of the site. In fact, it works as a backbone of the site and is where all site contents are created and managed

Full data of registered pets

Finally, these are the data of pets where you can add or change any records that you want and that you don’t want.

Therefore, how to run this project

  • Install python and Django on your computer.
  • Go to your download file using terminal.
  • Then, start typing : python3 manage.py runserver
  • Hence, click on an IP address and it will show you the front page.
  • To enter into the admin section, go to IP / admin and enter username and password to get and access. And username is nichal whereas password is in admin code area.

Finally, click on below button to install this wisdom pet medicine website.

Thank you,

Therefore credit goes to Nischal Khadgi

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